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* Portfolio *

Below is a partial list of our clients and what we have done for them, including a description of special features in their site. Click on an image of a website to view the entire site. All sites are optimized for best search results.

The Adolescent & Family Counseling Center, LLC
The Adolescent & Family Counseling Center, LLC
This original design used colors and images from the Adolescent & Family Counseling Center's brochures. At the request of the client, we also added a splash entry page. However, in 2014 we redesigned the site with an updated look.
image of AERCON Corp website
Our client wanted a web based solution that they could maintain on their own. We used a template from 1and1.com and customized the colors to match their logo. We also designed the layouts for the page content.
link to Angel Messages by Eric

Angel Messages by Eric
Our client wanted a web based solution that they could eventually take over and update on their own. We used a WordPress template that conveyed the feeling of their mission and added PayPal buttons for payments of services as well as custom navigation.

Custom Ties by Barnard-Maine
We were hired by Custom Ties by Barnard-Maine to redesign their website and to optimize it for search engine resluts. The client wanted a clean simple look and was very pleased with our resluts. We included a slideshow in the new design, as well as a favicon for bookmarking. The client also obtained 2 additional URLs which we redirected back to CustomTiesByBarnardMaine.com.
Frank's Fabrics
Frank's Fabrics was designed by another firm and we were hired to maintain this complex, PHP site. We have added several entire sections and updated both the header and footer to represent the new sections.
Howard J Nitkin
For Howard J. Nitkin & Co. we designed the logo and the entire site. We have also converted documents to PDF files for use on the website.
John-Norman Tuck
For John-Norman Tuck we designed galleries to highlight his artwork. We took his entire collection and organized it into categories for easier browsing. All galleries contain clickable thumbnail images that link to larger images of that painting.
Noelle Sickels, author of historical fictions Nöelle Sickels is an original design that includes a Word Press blog that the owner of the site can update herself. Detailed directions for updating the site was provided by us. We also set up direct links for purchasing each book.
Quinnipiac Ballroom Society
The Quinnipiac Ballroom Society is an original design with lots of photos and link to social media sites.
Sandlot Stats
Sandlot Stats contains a countdown timer to the launch of the book, poll questions, and a link to a blog that we set up. It also has customized, roll-over buttons, and links to Facebook and other social media..
Shutterart By Debi
For Shutterart by Debi, we designed the logo, all image banners and page layouts.
Tara's Tech Tips
I used my Tara's Tech Tips page when I was doing technology training.
I Hurt Advanced Diagnositc Pain Treatment Centers
This was an existing website that we totally redesigned. We designed the site header as well as the page headings. This is an example of another site linked to Google maps for directions.
Bennu Massage Bennu Massage
TBR Web Design created the logo and original site design. We connected this site to Google Maps for directions to their office.
Cheshire Kids in Motion Cheshire's Kids In Motion Playground
TBR Web Designs donated the original design. Taking the colors in the logo designed by graphic artist Pam Bingman, we created the page background, the page header graphics, the choice and color of fonts, and the original site design.
Smoky Joe SABR Chapter For the Connecticut Smokey Joe Wood SABR Chapter we designed the page headings as well as the overall site.
Connecticut Ballroom Theatre The Connecticut Ballroom Theatre
This is another example of an original TBR Web Design website. The special features in this site include rotating images and a scrolling banner to announce a special event.
Eric Turcio Eric Turcio
The site layout was designed in conjuction with Eric Turcio. It contains his video resume in addition to other videos. It is also linked to various social media sites.
Lakeside Terrace Bed & Breakfast Lakeside Terrace is another original design. I contains a beautiful introductory video, rotating images, links to social media sites, and a link to trip advisor. The site also has a link to a blog that we set up for them.
Dr. Christina Ednalino
This is an original design by TBR Web Designs . It is a basic CSS design with a custom heading. We connected this site to Google Maps for directions to her 2 offices. However, she no longer maintains a private practice.
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